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Posted on: April 14, 2007

So what’s going on with, you ask? Well, I am glad you did. Meet

Thats definitely not the british council, And definitely not a casual coffee day meet. That’s some of the core team members cracking for the event that is coming up in July. And that is me there, deep in thought taking in the suggestions and thinking out for all the different categories of people who will be attending the event and making sure that the decisions we make ensures to be beneficial to all, with the startup and the entrepreneur first. Yep, I’ll be going bald very soon at this rate, but let me not spell out my own fate, yet 🙂

I haven’t written about Proto in this blog for sometime now, partly because I have been sending updates on the mailing list, and it seems like a double post writing here as well as on the mailing list.

Well, to give you a brief:
The response from the VC Community has been phenomenal.

There are plenty of good news, which has resulted directly because of Proto for most of the participated companies

We are looking at a wider span, and looking at companies from across Asia for the upcoming event (to be in Chennai on July 21st and 22nd)

These are the key folks that we are looking to bring in: VCs, Seasoned Technologists, Entrepreneurs, Business Analysts, Industrialists, Veteran Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Journalists and Professionals.

The Event is supported by IAMAI, TeNeT, and am also in talks with TiE which will conclude this coming week.

The Nominations should open by the beginning of this week. The website is being given a new look, so there will be an interim page which will allow for submitting nominations, taking a look at the updates and progress of VCs, Sponsors and Supporting Organizations, while the full-fledged site comes up.

Do stay in touch.

The Characters on the frame are, Kaushik, Narain, Myself, Moyeen, Aswin, Sidd, Varun, and Kiruba who is framing us all into his lens.

Credits: To Kiruba for the snap

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