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Mobical: a service, when in need.

Posted on: April 15, 2007

Mobical Logo

Anyone who has a mobile phone has plenty of contacts and other crucial information that justs eventually gets loaded onto it. What if we lose it, or even worse – the phone stops working? Well, life kinda heads for a interesting spin of events after that usually.

My phone recently started giving a couple of problems, and after checking with everyone, the simplest way to fix it was to reset the phone. There was but one glitch to it all. I had a ton of contacts, reminders, tasks and notes on the phone that i couldn’t quite easily backup. The “problem” that i mentioned of, was partly an issue with the USB connectivity that was standing like a troll on the bridge, in all my efforts to connect it to the laptop and sync it.

Then came mobical. I signed up, connected on GPRS, setup the account on my mobile phone, and clicked “sync” and in a minute or so, all was done.

Fabulous service. and oh! its free.

2 Responses to "Mobical: a service, when in need."

Sounds like a good service but i have been using Zyb for long now and i find it more interactive and interesting. Interesting beacuse i can also have my sms saved with them bacause i had to change my phone and i never wanted to lose some of my sms and i still have them in my new phone.

Will check it out.

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