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Don’t Fight Time

Posted on: April 20, 2007

As one that is slowly wetting my feet in the investment community here in India, I do get my chances to come across aspiring entrepeneurs wanting to talk about the ideas and how to take it further. I think its worth mentioning, and even writing about … it is not a good idea to fight time. You simply never win.

Entrepreneurs believe in a dream that only exists in their head. Thats true with me atleast and a few other entrepreneurs, and very successful ones. I believe then that it must be true. With this alternate reality in mind, a lot of us also sometimes lose focus of what is important and tend to exaggerate and lose the grip of reality as it is… time either moves too fast, or too slow for us, and we are certainly in a world of our own.

Let me lose the cryptic phrases and speak in english.

If you tell me that unless you get funded next month and start work the very next minute, you can’t get into the market and “tap” into this opportunity, I’d say forget it. It is one thing to say that there is a window of opportunity, and yet another to say that it is a small window, and even more foolish to say that we are going to race and win the attempt to get there in time.

If you know anything about development, bootstrapping, and organizing a team, the law is that, “Nothing goes as per plan”. everything that can go wrong, WILL go wrong.

Afterall, as an investor, why should anyone be interested in your venture, if the window of opportunity is such a small one, which also makes a dent on the valuation of your solution?


5 Responses to "Don’t Fight Time"

So, what’s that dream existing only in your head. 😉

we’ll have to sit down and talk about that over coffee Nag. 🙂

I guess Vijay’s dream is something similar to what every entrepreneur carries with him.

I would repeat Paul Graham’s words here. Release fast, everyone love seeing demos not reading business plans. and there is always room for innovation.


Heh. Thanks Sridhar. It’s something like that. Everybody has their own set of “crazy ideas to unleash on the world” – especially entrepreneurs 🙂 Dont they?

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