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Chennai Telecom Professionals Group

Posted on: May 5, 2007

What’s the most interesting thing about Professionals, and Entrepreneurs? Simple. The drive to get things done, and to be focused on milestones and deliverables. The conversations are always focused towards business opportunities and how to handle challenges. Needless to say, they are always looking for a network of like-minded people to let the network-effect kick in.

After it occured to me that there are quite a few Telecom Professionals on my address book, and people who are working on various aspects of the industry, it was too good to just let it pass and not try to bring them all together. A few emails here and there and the first meeting was fixed in Park Sheraton to see how things go.

Among the participants were Subramanian Sahasranam, who was one of the early pioneers in the IMS world working with CG Maersk, Gokul an avid and up-to-date telecom blogger with his background in Cisco, Anbu Ganesh with a background with Lucent Labs, Telcordia and is now with CTS, Vivek who runs Unleash networks and used to be with Lucent for quite some years, Ravi who runs Neomicrolite, Aravind who heads Celltick India, Nitin and Madhu from Nexge Technologies a VoIP/IMS company, Satish from Snowood Technologies a successful entrepreneur whose company builds protocol stacks along with Chandra and Jayadev from Servion (Chandra being an active member of the SIP Forum). As you can see, this is quite an interesting group already.

We are planning to meet once a month, depending on the schedules of Subu, and Chandra and how it all works with everyone. If you do want to get involved and participate, do signup for the mailing list at []

Now, this is how barcamps are supposed to be – sporadic, quality and amazing people, and coming back with an overload of information that you can chew for a good whole month!

Note: Pictures posted on Vivek’s Blog

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