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“WAYN has changed” … hmmm Really?

Posted on: July 13, 2007

I was clearing some emails from my email account that I use to sign up for new services and I see an email with that subject: WAYN has changed.

I am not sure if that is such a smart marketing tactic. Sending out an email to everyone in mass mailing declaring that something has changed, to me, would suppose that people utterly hated what was there before and hence the change is a sign of “We are doing something about it so get back.. please?”

The problem though, especially with social networking is that people are attracted to coolness factors. Very few communities have survived – actually none has and someone can correct me if i am wrong – the wrath of unsatisfied users who have either gone into a state of limbo or have left the network. The case here is that, sending out such a mail, breathes of a lot of dissatisfaction.

Am not exactly sure if that is the best way to go about this.


2 Responses to "“WAYN has changed” … hmmm Really?"

Was looking for tips on writing for my website and here we go ,…. a wonderful author. I like your writing style… Will keep chcking on you regularly…

It’s a pleasure Rajeev.

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