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Ideas to Toss: Car Wash

Posted on: August 8, 2007

The age at which people buy cars and drive cars have reduced drastically. It is not a surprise to see a late 20s Professional pick up a semi-luxury sedan these days – I mean the Scoda and the Hondas.

These are all mostly self-driven cars, which means they don’t have a driver, which also means there is no one to clean these cars in the morning everyday. For a professional working in an IT company, or anyone in a 9-5 job, this can be quite an effort.

I know this, because I suffer from the same.

I did hear that Delhi, at somepoint was creating this buzz of having some chain of car washes coming up and it just never did. I wonder why.

Water is a potential problem. But I am aware of quite a few car wash chains in europe which can recycle close to 90% of the water.

Price is a problem. But I am sure that could be worked out, along with the petrol pump or any other co-branded alliance which will get them some footprint, as well as loyalty programs that can benefit and be profitable in the longer stretch.

The question is.. Why not?


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This is possible and happening in Chennai. I know a company who does washing of 2 & 4 wheelers in my apartment. Its a better model for IT Parks, since many of the bikes, cars are being parked for about 8 hours 🙂 There is a serious microenterprise over here. Water also is not a big issue, but people are the big issue over here. They wont stay more than 3 months. Its happening and it will happen to larger level.

You are right Narain. There are about two guys who pretty much wash all the cars in my apartment complex. That said, when we are talking about organized car wash chains, since you can also complement them with coffee shops and also since auto car washes also can polish the car as they go through.

Iam intersted to start an car wash unit in Kerala. Could u pls give me the details of the product and the investment cost.


Coffee shops and IT parks are good complementary arrangements to the service in discussion, but for me, none of them is a driver.
Most people refill their gas atleast once a week (average). This is exactly the kind of time interval that makes sense for a car wah service.
Gas stations provide the suitable real estate for this service.
Even in the west, gas stations (Shell being a case in point) provide a supplimentary service of car wash.
This not only adds to the convenience of a car wash but also complements the coffee shops or retail models on the gas stations.

Also, another point to consider, in a country like India by having an automated car wash, we are targeting the livelihood of hundreds of workers around each major city, who suppliment their regular income by washing cars in the morning.
A model that considers alternative livelihood for these guys would be well appreciated.

Nice Idea…Shouldnt be surprised if this becomes a reality(if already not) sooner than expected!

How about organizations or groups which targeted self employment drives for underprivileged youth, to set up such units?

I have heard people talk about NGO’s giving english education for people from the underdeveloped areas(some slums) so that they can possible get work in call centers. Could this be an area(washing cars/vehicles) be an option in that direction?


It’s definitely an option.

Three years back i was planning to set up a Car wash Station in Hyderabad and the feedback i got was,it will be pocket wash and won’t make a good business in india. After three years there are two car was stations in Hyderabad which are doing good business.

Hi guys
I just came back from the US and was looking for a kind of car wash like in the US and it is good to see that India is changed.
I got my car detailed by Pegasus Facilities in Chennai.
Excellent guys, those chaps came to my house gave the car a complete shampoo wash and engine cleaning and interiors cleaning and car polishing etc my my even my tyres were polished.
good to see Chennai getting the US style. those guys said that they are indeed spreading to major cities in India, If it is so we can take pride in their services that we have european style business in India too.
Hats of to you guys at Pegasus Facilities. Keep the good work going. Wishing you miles of luck.

That’s quite interesting to hear Vignesh. Thanks for sharing.

Hey I was just browsin to check up if there is some one to wash my cars and bumped on to your site and heard about Pegasus facilities. could reach them thru google. Gud guys yaar. Excellent work and worth the money we pay.
thanks for your blog. it really saved my energy of driving to the service station and that awful waiting.
keep the good work going,
thanx vignesh & vijay

hi my name is raj i came up with the same idea i live in usa from 10 years i am thinking about to do the car wash system in chandigarh and around the areas.

Hi Gursharan,

I also think this is an Good Idea and i am also live in Chandigarh, as going to Service Station and waiting there is waste of time, so if you still have any plans on this we can discuss on this.

Thanks & Regards,

Oh Great Idea my car is very dirty.

Hi Vignesh,

How much did it cost?

It really clicked as a great business idea for India.If anybody explains how much it costs for operation & maintenance and also what is the payback period?

hey vijay, just happened to bump into your site, read the review about Pegasus Car Wash, browsed their website,called them and got the job done, simply super duper. Good job ya.
I will recommend my chennai friends to Pegasus Facilities

What you guys think about semi auto car wash, i was planning to start auto car wash however for interiors can use vaccum.

Do you guys think it works for chennai.

Vijay Mohan

Car Wash is one of the booming businesses even in the time of recession. One who has been to an automated car wash would definetly not like to have manual people touch the car in an unprofessional way. Additionally, regular car washes bring back the gloss of the paint. Where we have installed our car wash systems , people are doing good business, roughly about Rs. 1 lac profit per month.

Glad to see you people discussing car washing!

Kartik borikar
KKE Wash Systems (India)

need detail information about automated car wash setup, want to start the business.

You can visit our website for more details.

Dear Anand;
If you still interesting in build automatic car wash system – please, contact me. I represent biggest US car wash factory oin Asia and soon we should be in Chennai. I’ve been infolved in many car wash tunnels in US and Russia and I belive that I could answer all of your questions.
Thank you.
Alex Boldashevich


I want to setup a car wash service in rural area of UP. What steps I need to take care for it. Also let me know cost factor for urban areas.



Dear Awadhesh,

My company is based in Singapore i just recently open one in Tamil Nadhu. Tanjore and is doing well. If you like i can supply the materials etc.Your people can come to my place and train i have qualified workers who has worked with Merc Bmw and so in Singapore whose working in Tamil Nadu now giving training.Thankw

Dear Nirvana,

Good to hear you that i am planning to start manual car wash as well as 4 wheeler wheel alignment centre in Tindivanam ( Tamilnadu). Could you please send me your plant details and contact in Tanjore.




Well i wanted some advices as i was looking to open one Automated car wash shop.
Saying that u have setup one such facility in tanjore , is it possible that i can have a visit to ur shop n further business talks..

Dear Awadhesh,
Am happy to see your post after 2 1/2 yrs.
I am glad to see your business going well.. am in uk….
i got idea to do this business from my friends motivation..
i got some information regarding car wash equipment from 2 companies by quotation.. if you follow someone who got succeeded from their business…its good to follow you like people..i would like to thank you to give some details of the company and materials in detail please… it will be much appreciated.many thanks for taking time in reading this..
my email id is
Thanking you,

Thanks to you
through you i I came to know about Pegasus Facilities and got my car detailed,
Good job, and worth the money paid.
Thanks to you and to them

Hi guys,
Are we talking about just having a clean car to move around or to protect our cars bodies?We are not aware or ignorant about the fact that our car is to put on harsh climate which will lead to corrosion ETC.We do not even know if their products are safe on our car or just give instant polish.Car is just like our body.

hey guys i have fully made up my mind to start car wash system but before that i need hepl from you guys to give me contact number or mail or website of pegasus facilities please hepl me guys.
thanks alot
bbye takecare

Dear Vinesh,

I have just car wash in Singapore and been to India i dont think they are using the right products till date. Car wash is not about giving shiny look its like keeping us young. so the right soap and shampoo should used to keep us young …Am i right.

My products are from german , japan and mainly use good products. for expensive cars so that they can keep their car new for years to come. Due to India harsh climate its more than necessary to keep it healthy.

If u are interested i can supply or we can look into join venture . I see India as niche market as there is no awareness to protect expensive car .i will be coming to chennai on Dec 2009

Hi! I am interested to get more details from you as I am planning to set up a car wash unit in Bangalore. What kind of participation u like to see in a venture if started by me.

I want to set up auto car wash station, I want to know the

total cost of the project. Can any body help me.

I am glad to read a discussion about car wash business in India.
I just started my car wash in Amritsar, Punjab two months ago.
It is doing very well and growing everyday. I am glad that I got into this business. Raj if you want to start a car wash in Chnadigarh please let me know if I can of any help.
Sat Randhawa USA

Sat Randhawa,

Let me know how much is the total investment. Whis brand was installed.

Hi Randhawa,

i would like to start one car wash unit in Bangalore on the side of crowded high way, where many people drive to there IT companies.

It would be great if you help me to know the project details, cost, how much we need to charge per car, machinery, land size, etc..

I am looking for a fully automatic washing centers usually what we can find in USA.

Thanks & Regards
Srikanth Veturi

Where in Amritsar is the car wash Sat.Is it an automated car wash or a semi automatic one?


hope your business is doing great. which equipment do you use? thanks

Hi sat randhawa,
this is vikram i am planning to open auto car wash if u know any details regarding this kindly help me


I am thinking about a car was in hyderabad and would like you to shed some light on it like the cost and working problems etc. I am currently in US and would like to come back :=) so this is the starting point for me.


pls guide to start the same business in bigway at entire gujarat

i want to set up car wash at katra in jammu & kashmir how much it will cost me & which machinery i am required to strat the same buisiness for satisfactory washing of the client


Is there anyone doing carwash in a professional way in Tamilnadu? If any of you know pl help providing their contacts


I would like to start a car wash business in Kerala. Anyone have ideas how to start an auto car wash like in USA. Please let me know.

thanks a ton to your site. was browsin and got the details of Pegasus Facilities, good guys, they literally turned my Ikon shining black. They made my car real bold and beautiful.
thanks to you guys

I am looking forward to open a hand car wash in bombay i do not know indian market very well.Looking forward for someone to guide on what kind of money we be talking in investing for a setup on a leased property.
How good is the suppliers market for chemicals and what about maintenance point of view for machinery.
I have 11 years of running a car wash business in melbourne and have successfully performed in my work but now i want to bring my experience into my own country a develop car washing site.

if you still have plans of setting up a car wash then lemme know.
i am looking forward to start the same in the coming month or so. We could join up on the same.


I plan to start an auto car wash station my place , could u tell me cost of the machine and installation cost

hello sat randhawa sat shri akal , iam looking to do car wash in most of big cities in punjab let me know if you intrested where you bought your one u set up in amritsar, i am buying from china
Dee singh

hi i am intrested to set up this auto car wash machine in haryana please give me the cost or details i am very thankfull to you waiting for your reply.

Mr Randhawa, i m parminder singh from ludhiana and i m planning to open an automatic car wash system in ludhiana, pls help me and guide me. basically i m from amritsar and studied in G.N.D.U. till my graduation in Law.

Parminder Singh Bhullar

I want to set up auto car wash station in Indore, I want to know the

total cost of the project. Can any body help me.

Hello Friends well i would like to get all infromation about this project i mean Auto car wash system. If any one knkow about it in detail pls let me know i would like to invest money in it.

visit our website for all your car wash related queries and guidance. It has an exhaustive study for Automatic Car Wash Business in India.


We are looking for Distributes/ Dealers for the Canadian premium Auto Car Wash plants for Indian Market. We can also supply to interested parties directly. Please forward all inquiries to

Hi Randhawa,

I would like to start car wash unit in Kerala.

It would be great if you help me to know the project details.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Nirvana,
I like to start up a car wash station in TamilNadu.I like to know the details.Please provide.

Hi Can anyone help me witha business plan to setup a car wash?? how much does the land lease cost ( approx) and providers of Business loans for this venture

frm where can i get cost estimation of automatic car wash equipments….also is it true dat auto car wash leaves awirl marks on cars??? Thanx

i was planning to set up a Car wash Station in Hyderabad
Please provide details of land place, water, investment, equipment and more details.. send me my mail id….

Hello guys,

There are quite a few posts requesting the details of cost. Why don’t we talk about installing costs and its pros and cons?

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