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Monday Morning Blues

Posted on: August 20, 2007

There is always a fair bit of things that are waiting for your attention and to get you into “juggling mode” on every monday morning. Things range all the way from trying to get the schedule for the week in order, people trying to confirm appointments, pending invoices and settlements, travel plans, project briefing and management, team management – and there is always a mix of some personal element into all of this as well. I didn’t even factor in the new initiatives, and all the chaos management that is required from time to time in any mortal-driven project and company.

It’s always the same. Always the expected, yet somehow I haven’t gotten used to it at all. There is always this unnerving and unsettled feeling that goes on till 3pm every monday – mostly because the issues we face are new every week. That said, you do learn a few things along the way to handle the usual with ease and look forward to the new and daring new challenges. Here are some tips:

1. Never schedule a monday morning Meeting. Meetings are always better somewhere Mid week. People are at the top of their game and nobody is thinking of the weekend yet.

2. Part of the preparation comes from using your weekend to relax. You are going to have the same level of stress and hardwork in the week ahead no matter what. Better be prepared for it. Relax, watch a movie, go for a drive – whatever gets your mind unwound and body rested.

3. Take a small peak into your mailbox on Sunday afternoon. You dont have to respond to the mails, but that should be a good indicator of how the week ahead is going to be. I follow a strict no-weekend-work policy and dont respond to mails unless crucial. It helps. The more you respond, the more you get entangled into it, and you realize that Monday has just become the 8th day of the week and the weekend had vanished into thin air.

4. Use some Aids / Tools. To manage a team the best way is to be visual and reinforcing of the tasks pending. The best way to not burn out is to delegate and a team needs to know whats pending so that they can be efficient. Use a whiteboard to jot down all the taks pending from the team after every weekly meet and jot down names next to it. Positive reinforcement is always good, so do take the time to update the board as the week progresses with a different colored marker as the tasks get completed.

5. Pace yourself. Its the simplest thing to do but its also the most wisest advice ever. If you feel like you are being stressed, you are not doing something right.

Always remember, a genius and one who works smart has more than 24 hours a day. With a bit of time management and effective delegation, the monday morning blues can be a bit easier.


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