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I am on too many Mailing Lists.

Posted on: August 21, 2007

I hope you won’t mistake that title in anyway to be a statement of boasting. That’s actually a problem statement. I am subscribed to about 30 – 35 different mailing lists in Yahoo and Google groups, but I am actively involved (Read, contribution and participation)in fifteen of them. As if I didn’t have enough of an email managment problem, this is adding quite excessively to it.

Mailing lists have outlived their lifetime. I am not sure if they were meant to be around for this long and It belongs to an era when people felt good receiving mails. Unless for teams that are working on development projects – where archives are good, and one can always catch back on decisions and directions on a latter date, mailing lists seem to be a bad idea for team discussions.

I have three options as of now: I could use Ning or Pownce to work in this scenario. I was essentially looking at building an App on the Twitter API, which might give me the same relevance.

The Pownce account is all setup and up and running. Let me see how that works out. I am attempting to get the folks from my smaller mailing list (of the I-Fixers group) into Pownce as of now to test this out.

I also got an invite from the Scrybe Team to use their service. Two days down and so far its a wonderful experience. There are quite a few things they could do more to expand on these things, and it is feeling a bit odd to be moving out of the calendar of Outlook.

So that’s two new adaptions for effective communication, collaboration and time management. Lets see how it works out.


2 Responses to "I am on too many Mailing Lists."

Dont set the mailing lists to send email. Subscribe to the RSS feed instead. Both google groups and yahoo groups have RSS feeds for their groups. Put that into your feed reader. When you see something that you want to reply to, you can click that and reply through the web interface. I’m in 62 groups yahoo + google. This is what I do with my high volume mailing lists.

Sid, That’s a good suggestion. I need to install another feedreader, cause my current one is overflowing – that’s another inefficiency to tackle very soon.

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