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Social Entrepreneurship Forum: Intel

Posted on: August 30, 2007

Intel is bringing together a fair bit of people from across Incubation centres in India, and getting some discussions forward on Social Entrepreneurship, and in being able to pinpoint some of the hurdles and developmental challenges that might be there.

Well, to me, there is only Entrepreneurship. If it has too much of a social angle and menial to no revenue generating capabilities, then its a misnomer and is meant to read “Charity/NGO” instead. Unfortunately when most people utter the words Social Entrepreneurship, that is precisely the image that they have in the back of the mind.

Every successful venture – and I mean success in the intent of it creating an impact – is a social venture. The mantra for entrepreneurship is very simple “Build something people want” and I will even chime along with the robot which says “see a need, fill a need”. It really couldnt be said in much crisper terms.

That’s precisely what I intend on talking about Tomorrow at Bangalore. I do have a fair bit of meetings as well lined up for the weekend, while I am there. If you are from Bangalore and would like to meet, do drop a note.


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