Vijay Anand | The Startup Guy.

Change: The Drive and the Killer

Posted on: September 5, 2007

Products: A solution in a box. That’s what it is supposed to be. But is it that simple?

Companies go through the insight if acquiring knowledge from teams that struggle with a common issue and are stiffled with constraints, and come up with solutions that could ease that pain. In most cases the solution is a commonality that is derived out of the case studies of many such teams. I am talking about the bare and core of devising a product roadmap here.

What I do see is that there is a lot of talk about “Companies these days want Solutions, not black boxes”. But the truth couldn’t be further.

Companies want their problems solved. Its quite simple as that. Any change is a hazzle. And if they are going to change, they want it to be seamless, and with downtime as low as possible. That is just what it all comes down to.

Selling a product is hard – atleast the first one you build. If you do succeed and people start using it and you build a user base on it, then you do get the power to change the way people work – isnt that the ultimate high on building a product?

Until you get to that point, gentlemen and ladies… there will be battles and how you apply your strategic thinking to get past all that and find your product as part of the process cycle of these teams, is where the money really lies.


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