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The Next I-Fix Campaign: September 15th

Posted on: September 5, 2007

So, was it an independence day drive that got everyone out of their homes and on the road fixing potholes? Well, I’d like to think No, and from the list of volunteers, I am starting to believe that more.

The I Fix team in Chennai is growing to be larger. We have about 30 people who have registered to be part fo the upcoming campaign which will be on the 15th of September – yes the soon and coming 15th.

If you are curious as to what this is about, then you need to read the previous post on this topic. If you want to read updates and such, and perhaps get involved, then you can head to the wiki setup at

There is a general question that I often hear. So you guys fix potholes, then what? Well, we have big plans, and we would love to share that with you over coffee. But Here goes the gist of it.

To show you the kind of drive that some of the members of the team carry, here’s an example. Arun Ganesh is a student in SVCE (Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering) and is quite talented when it comes to design work. The said person was quite dedicated (staying up till 7:30am) fixing potholes during the last campaign. His wish is to create a schematic map of Chennai so that people who newly come to chennai (migrate) can know what bus to take to go where and such. He has created a sample map that is a route for his college, but we are very keen to expand this to all of chennai.

For one, I am very interested and keen to get this project up and running, since this will be a very clean, modern map of Chennai. I still can’t wrap my head around as to where I am with any of the city maps yet – atleast when I am treading a new territory. This would certainly help. Also in the long term, if we are to start planning for the inevitable traffic problems (as what the city of Bangalore faces), resources such as these would put a brake or slow down that day for a further day and hopefully the infrastructure would be in place by then.

This is just one such example. As I said, we have big plans to turn Chennai all around. Just wait and see.

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