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Learn from [b]ollywood.

Posted on: September 19, 2007

The Indian movie industry has figured it out. It might sound sarcastic, but I am actually being serious here. The Indian movie industry has really figured out what the masses want to see, listen and cheer to. Anyone building or trying to do anything with the masses here, needs to take a hard and long look at them and see what they are doing right.

First of all, its all in the mix.

Romance, comedy, suspense, thrills, singing-and-dancing. Put them all together and you have the bollywood masala. But thats what works.

It is really old news by now as to the revenues that Shivaji, the movie made in the first week collections. The numbers stack up against any hollywood box-office hit. Imagine that! There are other factors that contribute towards that, but if there is one thing that the masses in India can absolutely relate to.. its their stars on the big screen. Its followed by their cricketers in the small screen.

The publishing and media houses have certainly learnt from this trend. Take any regional, or national journal – minus the business and auto magazines. They all have a mix of masala to them. Take even your India today, and there are articles ranging all the way from lifestyle, a little bit about celebrities – at times, a bit of business-circle gossip and tid bits of information to satisfy the masala taste bud of the consuming masses.

If variety is the spice of life, then its very much true here in India. It’s certainly something to think about!

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