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Will Google Dare with the Gphone?

Posted on: September 28, 2007

So, The Iphone came, and is kinda sinking into oblivion – atleast with their current generation. I am sure they will plan out a better release and market capture strategy with their next version, but I doubt they will be able to play the hype-game all over again. But then,We are talking about Steve Jobs here, so it very well might be the case in him succeeding with that as well.

The user-interface of the Iphone was nothing short of a leap-forward. Get rid of the keyboard, and use touch as the primary interaction mechanism. It’s really the consummation of most people’s wizardry desires, put into the palm of their hand.

I am not sure as to how things could have been better. Well, they should have kept the basics in a phone that people are used to – such as the java run-time platform, enabled bluetooth properly and allow users to change their ringtones as they saw fit. Somewhere in between all those decisions of not adding those, I see a decision to find the “baseline” in a product. At somepoint during the evolution of a product, one has to make the hard decision to figure out what people “really” need and then work out the evolution from that point. It seems that they guessed the baseline wrong, and took it too easily that everyone will develop applications on the web and channel it through their mobile phones (though thats how we’ll move forward).

As much as I try to cover what has happened to the I-phone, I can’t see anyone willingly saying that they’d like a phone anymore. “I came, I saw, I was Not-Conquered”, seems to be the common theme running these days.

It also puts us to think of something. The Iphone was different. The Gphone will be different. All the other handset manufacturers who have made some imitations of iphones aren’t rocking in sales numbers either. The question is, is everybody guessing the baseline for the mobile handset wrong, and ending up disappointing the masses? I sure do hope that this experimentation to figure out the baseline and evolve, wont take too long and surely not too many attempts.

2 Responses to "Will Google Dare with the Gphone?"

The Iphone capitalized on the need for an “experience”. By touching instead of punching keys, it appealed to our desire for a new experience. I’m not sure anything else will top that.

the iphone in my view gives you the “sleek” factor as well as the flashy substance which is matchless ! That’s wat’s worth 400$ in my opinion..

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