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Where Does the Next Billion Lie? – Part I

Posted on: October 8, 2007

This is not a general question. For the sake of clarity, let me confine this to the boundaries of entrepreneurship, startups and the world wide web. These are thoughts, arguments and discussions that have in some ways defined my understanding and thinking as to where the next big move can probably be made. And of course these are just my thoughts, and perhaps will remain to be so. Maybe not.

The world of the web is quite sporadic and spontaneous. What was a very cool service last week, isnt anymore this week, because your next door neighbour just launched a new web service that can let one mingle both setting up an appointment with the doctor and managing their baking oven at the sametime. It’s not as crazy as that, but mashups can be crazy. And thats what most web services are. Mashups and revamped pretty looking things of that which existed long before dinosaurs roamed the earth.

That simply isn’t going to cut it, if you are going to start thinking along the lines of building the next yahoo!, google or (I have absolute respect for them).

So where this this world of the web heading towards. Two words. Identity and Advertisements. That are the two big segments that you need to watch out for. Whatever else you can think of will possibly be linked to these two. Media is linked with advertisement (all the future versions of youtube will fall under this) and OpenID and such interesting business models, including what facebook is doing with an open social networking platform, will come under identity. With only a limited pool of users, consumers and subscribers, there is only so long that you can go on without coming up with a single identity management mechanism, and that will be the most significant achievement that will happen as the next step of the evolution of the web.

There is also a third segment that one can definitely watch out for. That will align towards usage of alternate interaction mechanisms. Nothing is going to happen as long as we are still stuck to our keyboards and mouse – atleast nothing revolutionary. I am all for thinking out of the box, with input mechanisms that are more natural. Speech is the obvious answer that most have been going after, but I believe that are alternate directions to look into.

Let me stop here and hear you out before proceeding further.


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The next big thing on the net could be services that uses semantics to provide a series of services to the end users.

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