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I Fix, Goes National

Posted on: October 16, 2007

The reality of Rang de basanti?

I am quite impressed at the way people have taken this simple concept and have chosen to run with it. As skeptical as most folks were, our third campaign had about 30+ people who were out on the roads fixing one of the issues that this city (Chennai) faces – potholes on city roads.

There were some very interesting stories of the folks who came out. One of them was a gentleman who works in bangalore and comes home to chennai for the weekend and he was out with all of us doing his bit. I salute such commitments. Just gotta.

Bangalore is starting their edition and so is Delhi. Delhi though the third one to start, would possibly be the second chapter to get up and running. They are heading out this weekend. If you do want to contribute, actually… if you do have the urge to be part of a solution, then feel free to step out. You can contact Prashant Singh for more details.

The Delhi edition of Times of India has run an article on the same. Very well written by Sujata, it conveys the message quite succinctly.

I love the way the guys in Delhi are thinking. To quote:
“What’s more, the Delhi group plans to clean and paint hospitals, clean up slums, paint fences and classrooms of government schools, replace faulty taps in public places et al. ” They couldnt have been bang on right with the spirit behind which this ideology was conceived.

“See a problem, be a part of the solution” is the core mantra behind it all.

The days of seeing realities of Rang de Basanti, might not be too far from now. I absolutely believe in that.


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