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3:11. Chennai, a snapshot in time.

Posted on: October 27, 2007

Life goes on. But imagine making a repository of life around, a snapshot in time, through the eyes and lenses of a multitude people on a certain instant of the flow of time itself.

On November 3rd, at 3:11pm, whereever you are (within the boundaries of Chennai), reach for the closest thing that can click (Mobile Cam, SLR whatever would do it for you), aim and shoot at a frame that captures the essence of where you are – what you are doing and life around. Post it at the website that is up for 311pm ( The collation of all the images will serve to be interesting in the perspective of looking at a snapshot of time in the city of chennai, through the eyes of the people.

Pretty cool Project, I’d say. I am heading out on a two week vacation and would probably be somewhere in Jaipur during that time, but if you are in Chennai, you should certainly be part of this.

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