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How do you define India?

Posted on: November 2, 2007

Well, I am travelling. Lately, i’ve also been on a mental journey, trying to figure out India’s position globally, in the past centuries and how we are shaping our future.

This vacation is helping and aiding towards that journey of understanding the past and the present, making way for some understanding of the potential of the future.

From what I can say, one thing is for sure. India has no religion. India has had science and it will continue to do so. All that is said and done in the name of religion is actually scientific. I am in Jaipur at the moment and am still recovering over the glorious past that this country had in the strides we had made in Astronomy and the study of such heavenly things. Even before galileo discovered how the position of the sun and the earth, we have had the entire galaxy, laid out, complete with their cycle and where they move during the year and what effect they have on whom.

Do we even know of these things?

There is more to india than just the economic boom, and the outsourcing frenyzy of the recent past. There is definitely more to India, that defines her.

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