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Bangalore based

Posted on: November 27, 2007

When we first laid down the groundwork for Proto, one of the things that I sincerely wished to see was more initiatives like Proto spring up, so that – for one, we’d strive to deliver more value to the entrepreneurs who need all the support they can, and hopefully we can move on to focus on the next gap that the ecosystem requires attention on.

I am quite happy to see that the same ardent and capable team behind Barcamp Bangalore, working towards putting together

My kudos to the team, and a happy moment for seeing the startup ecosystem come together with such grace here in India. Most certainly a dream come true.


2 Responses to "Bangalore based"

Hey Vijay!
Appreciate the good work at Proto. The initiative is well recieved and we do take some inspiration out of it. caters to a more wider segment & focusses on consumers/customers as well.

Your feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome.
Hope we can mutually help the ecosystem in the long run.


I’d love to Aashish. Do keep me posted.

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