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Words. Words. Words. They Mean Everything.

Posted on: December 9, 2007

We live in a day and age where words are tossed at the whisk of the wrist, to degenerate the substance of those letters coined together, all in the name of marketing. Saying too much, and talking without listening, seem to have become “essentials” to survive in this overly competitive market and in finding a place in this society. Is that really the way to go?

I grew up in a family where my dad was away overseas working for us. It was a personal vow that I made to myself to make him and our family proud one day and I do still strive to live upto those words. As much as I didn’t grow up with a father right next to me from dawn to dusk, what I could totally and most certainly rely on was on his soft-calm advice, should I ever need it – a listening ear and that assured confident voice and most of all, the moments I cherish the most are the unfailing commitment he had in writing – there was a mail to be expected pretty much every week, and I knew exactly which day it would arrive.

The Written word is quite powerful. Unlike the spoken word that drifts with the wind, the written word does hold the audience captive and it demands total attention – which is also a reason why I’ve become choosy over what books I read (some of them put too much junk into your head, and getting them in is much easier than getting rid of them). Most of the values that I have grown up with, and most of what I live with today are all words that my father penned down week after week. He still does… except that calling is much cheaper these days. Inspite the fear of being called ‘old fashioned’, I do miss the older days already.

One thing both my parents understood much earlier on in my life was how much I value words. It is much easier to kill me with words than with a sword or with high-flying bullets. That’s for sure. I am usually known to be a go-getter and can be on my toes till I achieve what I have set out to do, but if there is one thing that can totally throw my guiding star out of the window, its words that are spoken without purpose – especially if it comes from someone that I care about. That does seem to happen a fair bit these days, especially from more “matured” souls. I wonder if the transitional values of this society has gotten to them as well.

Words are everything to an entrepreneur. The first opening statement that you make in any presentation, before an audience that cares, have to carefully picked. It can quite literally make or break the deal. Words mean too much to us to be tossed around like they are cheap commodities. I hope they never become as such.

I very much love the movie “V For Vendetta”, because the script marks its emphasis on two very valuable things; words and ideas. They both have a way of living on, much after they have been spoken or were born. They live on forever, if given a remembrance.

This had been on my mind for the last couple of days, partly because of some uncircumstantial events, but perhaps it has been quite timely.

I am officially a Chennai Metroblogger – where I do hope to talk about this city and some of the efforts and initiatives we can start to make life a little better, and its also the week where i agreed to consider and kickstart the proposals that i have been getting from two business/technology magazines to write on a regular basis.

Words mean so much the more now.


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