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Posted on: December 18, 2007

The Mint, of Hindustan times has an article on – quite a nice piece with a good coverage of where Proto has come from and where it is aiming to grow to.

The Excerpt reads:, the start-up showcase event that debuted this January, is going national. Chennai, the city that seeded the event, will play host one last time next month before the somewhat unique showcase event begins its rotation across other start-up hubs in the country. The two editions of the event held so far in Chennai have connected 52 start-ups with venture capitalists (VC) and industry experts.

“We’ve had a great response (to the concept), so we want to standardize the format and move it to different cities. It might be a couple of years before it comes to Chennai again,” says Vijay Anand, chief organizer of Proto. The venue for the January edition moves for the first time beyond the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras campus—Proto’s birthplace.

Over the next few years, Proto could potentially emerge as the signature start-up event in India. In less than 12 months, the forum has seen participation by close to 200 start-ups and garnered the support of several investors and industry bodies such as the National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom) and the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). Twenty-four VCs participated at the event in July this year, including Helion Venture Partners, Nexus India Capital, Matrix Partners India and Clearstone Venture Partners.

The Registrations for the upcoming edition of Proto is open and filling up fast, so do book your seats if you are curious to know what we are planning for one of the biggest editions of that Chennai has to see in 2008.

7 Responses to " Poised to Be the Signature Startup Event"

Hi Vijay

Just went through the article. From this excerpt:


There is no graphic in the page. Can this be checked.


I couldnt see it either. But I think the graphic is probably available on the printed edition.


A tired eyes, working hard…..good that Proto is going national, and hope it will be going international in couple of years, so that we can garner much more VC’s to invest in our INDIAN companies – we need product companies here on… more than service companies, wud love to help in the events, please do let me know if can be helpful in any ways. Thanks



You are the first guy who has said I am tired because of working hard. everyone else kept saying I look drunk 🙂 But its a standard look these days, as I am pushing to manage between the holiday season and the upcoming edition of proto. There is already a roadmap to turn Proto international, so that is very much in the works. There is also some talks with our STPIs and other associations in an effort to make India a more favorable ground for international startups, to take advantage of the low cost. Things would be much different if that is the case – including things in our IP system would pick up tremendrous momentum once that happens. Lets see how it all goes. There is much to conquer yet. We’ve barely taken the first step.

Where are you based out of? Would love to touch base.


Tho’ it is the initial steps, I feel it will go for a marathon and I wud luv to be part of that !! Im based out of Singapore now.

You know, you should touch base with another well-wisher of ours. One of the goals of Proto is to make it all-asia inclusive, before we hit international waters. Each of the countries in Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, taiwan, Japan, China, India, all bring to the table some very unique leveraging aspects in terms of software, hardware, production, manufacturing etc. I would love to see an ecosystem come together that can leverage these aspects of each other to compete with the global economy. My question is very simple: If we take all these aspects of each of these countries, can we build another Nokia or Mercedes in these parts?

On that note, there is a well wisher of Proto, who lives in Singapore and is working to put together some folks in Singapore. I wouldnt even mind considering an edition of Proto in Singapore, as they are struggling for Venture capital and india is overflowing with it. I’ll introduce you both via email.

Sure, it would be gr8, I would like to be part of the Singapore team, as a Pioneering team of Proto. Please feel free to give my mail id, we will sure make it in Singapore within a years time. With a disruptive product in hand and good funding we can even fight global heavy weights as they 2 started the same way – From ground zero !

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