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The Valley Shells out Crappy Products Too!

Posted on: December 21, 2007

The first rule in entrepreneurship is to kill your heroes. Unless you stop being a fanatic follower and stop the whining on how things are better for everyone else, and they could do it, but not you, things are not going to change.

I am compiling a list of products that came out of the valley, and for the sake of giving a broader audience, lets focus on the web. It’s essentially the sector that churns out a new product every other minute, so it should make for an interesting list.

I am going to keep this interactive.

I start the list with “I am in like with you“. What were they thinking, mingling auction and friends in the same context? And after trying to fathom the beast that they have built, for almost a week, I have given up, deleted my account and am in the process of cleaning everything that ever touched it with dettol.

There are 24,000 companies and ideas that get funded every year by angel investors in the valley. I wonder how many of them would pass through without me uttering “Yuck!’. Everything from the valley is gold? I dont think so.

Go ahead, nominate what service blew your mind away! 🙂


2 Responses to "The Valley Shells out Crappy Products Too!"

iaminlikewithyou is getting quite popular, so does that mean its crap? Like hotornot sounds like a strange idea for a company, but its hugely popular and profitable. helps “split bills” between friends. free.

dont think you can make a million off that 🙂

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