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The Chronicles of the ‘Definitive Coder’: The beginning

Posted on: December 27, 2007

I think this blog needs a spruce of humor waiting to be laced into it. Dontcha agree? Well, I do. And that’s all what matters 🙂

I have a couple of very interesting characters in my life. Some I can decide to stay away from, but there are some others who are around just like the air, and arsenic that one just has to live with. Life is full of those, aren’t they? I was recalling enough moments of bizarreness and strange conversations with these wonderful folks in my life that I decided to share the joy with the entire world – it being Christmas season and all *halo over head*

So here it goes:

Just so you can brush up and bring to life those creative and imaginative senses of yours, the definitive coder is a male, about 23 years of age and give him the shabby look of a programmer with intenseness in his finger tips – always. Has a heart of gold, but a little on the lazy side.

The definitive coder is many things, but punctual he is not. Here is how one such incident goes.

I send out an email on Thursday with a reminder for the weekly meeting in two days. I get a call back:

DC: “Hey, where is the meeting happening?”
Me: “hmm… did you check your mail?”
DC: “Of course”
Me: “Can you check the subject of the mail?”
DC: “Hmm.. okay…”
DC: “Oh.. Saturday at 7pm.” *nervous laughter*
Me: “Yep. So you’ll be there?”
DC: “Let me see.”

Note to self: Nobody checks the subject message. The days of sending short messages in subject headers are gone.

On Saturday:

DC messages me repeatedly asking what time is the meeting.
Me responds back via SMS.

ME: “Why does this bring about a deja vu moment? Didn’t we have this conversation before? and that too quite recently?”
DC: *nervous laughter* “Yeah, but tell me when is the meeting”
ME: *sigh* at 7pm.
DC: “Oh, but I have something around that time. Can I come at 7:30?”
ME: “Sure”

The meeting ended at 9pm without any signs of DC.

At 9:30, I get a message saying “Sorry, came home and dozed off. Will make it for the next meeting”

PS: I also have a “Definitive Entrepreneur” in my life.


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