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Is FlashLite the New Java?

Posted on: January 2, 2008

I am starting to see quite a bit of devices and platforms that are starting to provide more and more, of-the-box support for Flashlite. Flashlite, Adobe’s Runtime library for Flash Animation for devices on low resources is a very good alternative for devices that have a need for interative interfaces. It’s seen quite a steady adoption in the Mobile Platform as well, as more and more interactive applications are starting to surface.

I wonder if this is a new trend in the making…


3 Responses to "Is FlashLite the New Java?"

New trend is Silverlight from Microsoft. Though I have not yet seen much story around mobile devices, but I am sure its going to come someday soon.

Silverlight… hmmm.. Not sure how that will go on a mobile though.

^^ ,I love Flashlite

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