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Ideas to Toss: Food Outlet Chain in Colleges

Posted on: March 6, 2008

It all occured to me when I was invited for a panel in an engineering college here in Chennai and the drive seemed to last longer than the allocated time for my talk. The college is 40kms away from the heart of the city and needless to say right in the middle of developmental regions. Which essentially means, absolutely no easy access to stationaries or food, let alone refreshments for any of these students. To me that screams out as an opportunity.

I did a quick search on google, and just in chennai there are close to 50 engineering colleges. I haven’t even factored in any of the arts and science and other universities yet. Even if one starts off with just the engineeering colleges by setting up a chain of food chains (fastfood or Deli), my guess is that it would take off quite well. We are essentially targeting a group of people who are perennially hungry (thanks to the growing boy/girl stage), do need something to keep them hydrated during this season, and there is a attribute of peer spending.

I’ve always believed that the next sector to get organized would be the Pan wallas. You dont believe me? Well, think about it. Go to the beach sometime and observe all the guys who are selling icecreams on their mobile carts. Each and everyone of them is carrying branded icecreams these days. Five or six years ago, these same guys were selling no-name, home-bade ice on sticks. Whether they are making more money now, or was it before is a question that is altogether different, but it will essentially be how it starts moving. I am sure the same with happen with Pan wallas as well.

But coming back to the topic, lets see if anyone picks this up and runs with it.

2 Responses to "Ideas to Toss: Food Outlet Chain in Colleges"

This is something I have observed too but then somehow the idea seemed too procedural to me. Of course, I’m still pretty young and inexperienced to assess a business idea, but then I have a feeling which keeps telling me this is the need of the hour! My college is about 7 kms from the city and it doesn’t have a good canteen-stationery-wares stall. It’s not surprising to me that most farther ones don’t! I’m open to a lot of discussion on this.


Perhaps you should do something 🙂


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