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The Genius of the ‘And’

Posted on: March 11, 2008

Ever since I read ‘Built to Last‘ by Collins years ago, I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of making the extremes come to life. Black and white both together without becoming grey. Good and evil both in one without turning indifferent. Doesnt that sound like quite a topic for a curious mind? But reality back, Once you do get the perspective, you do realize how much it is a crucial essence and factor of success, especially when it comes to Entrepreneurship.

I do have a major complaint against most entrepreneurs. Most of them either seem to be so stuck in the details of daily operations, or are so much into the big picture that they are totally missing the beautiful princess who just walked right into the middle of their office space, but are still busy starring at the sky for a sign of things to liftoff – market tides to change or some equally dramatic thing that only they seem to be able to spot. Even worse are the highly optimistic ones who can just about make any business profitable in 18 months flat, even when on daily operations nothing seems to be making a change for the better.

Somewhere halfway in interacting with these two extremes, you sometimes have to stop and think if you have become a sadist who just won’t let people be, but have to keep poking them from here to there and there to here – until the reality hits you. It was and is never this or that, its always having a balance and sometimes both the extremes at the sametime.

To be able to “keep” the big picture and work on it, and yet get your hands dirty and “execute” the details is where the work of art lies. That’s what is most crucial for any entrepreneur.


2 Responses to "The Genius of the ‘And’"

Without a doubt, the hardest part!

The guilt you get at the time of realization that your vision has got muddled up somewhere due to excessive operational focus is unbearable!

I’m not sure now where I belong! Your writing has initiated a tug of war in my head.

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