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Startups + Talent + Lunch = One way to Solve Talent problem.

Posted on: March 16, 2008

I think there is a innate problem here. Startups do have a talent attraction problem. But it also has to come at a cost that they can afford. And at most times, its close to zero. Can that be made affordable? I think very much so.

It’s a simple effort to help facilitate and make that happen. Let’s see how it goes.


5 Responses to "Startups + Talent + Lunch = One way to Solve Talent problem."

I think it is a great idea. Have you seen Lunch 2.0? It is a regular event in Silicon Valley and normally hosted in one of the companies.

You can probably start a Chennai chapter and tap some of the PR being generated by Lunch 2.0’s every where.

Iam having 8+ experience in Telecom Domain.
Would like to start a new venture or partner with some like minded people.

I would like to have one to one discussion with you.,

Interesting concept and hope it’ll work.

From what I’ve been reading this seems to be targeted at working professions and entrepreneurs.

I think a good TG would also be to attract just-out-of-college guys. I for one would be really interested taking on board in fresh grads.

Dorai: We could do that. We’ll see. The idea here is that its run by the startup community rather than a single facilitator. But we’ll see how things span out.

Rangarajan: Already mailed you.

Indiapreneur: Thats the next step that we are working out with NEN. But its a lot of work. Most graduates are clueless about what a startup is, the risks that come with it, nor the mentality it takes to work hard and be self-initiated. A bad hire in a startup will prove disastrous. So with the beta launch starting off with something less complicated 🙂

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