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Finally, At Home.

Posted on: March 22, 2008

My journey as a blogger started actually quite as an experiment – I am assuming that it was the case with you as well. It seems to be the case with most people. Writing regularly, unless you are a writer, is a tough task.

So I had setup a movable type blog in the subdomain of my startup and had started blogging. Eventually it led to quite a few people knowing about it, regular postings and it was getting too much to separate personal opinions from that of the team. Hence this domain name was formed, and the previous one abandoned.

I don’t think I ever quite settled in here. I am looking at the archives and realize that its been a year since I came here, and finally am setting up my blogroll. I’ve always been a bit scared of doing that knowing that I’d miss out a few really important guys and then it’d all be over. Hell would break loose and I’d end up deleting this blog and move on with life. The blog has essentially been a way for me to organize my thoughts, and have private conversations with people whom I know. When there were 20 regular visitors to this blog, I knew exactly who they were and who’d respond what to which statement. But this blog now attracts close to 500+ visitors and I don’t know who the folks are. Which also means, I need to bring “neutrality” into the picture and not make ardent statements that I love to pull with close circles.

Having become what it is, I am formalizing this blog. Might even get to moving some of the old posts (which is a three year archive) from the Movable Type database into this. For one, I’ve started off with adding links to the blogroll. I guess I finally settle in.

As they say in Japanese, Tadaima!


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