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Startup Lunch Delhi: And So it begins.

Posted on: March 26, 2008

It seems that when it does begin, it does start pouring. Starting with the activities that were going on in Chennai and Bangalore, Mumbai has picked up steam organizing what looks like a very interesting barcamp this weekend. Delhi, which seemed to have been lying a bit dormant is steaming off with a flurry of emails flying to and fro among startup entrepreneurs as they kick off the first Startup Lunch in India.

Delhi, is organizing the first Startup Lunch with 19 candidates, and 12 startups. I think its almost going to be an exact fit, since most of these guys are looking for a person or two. If you are asking when its happening? It’s tomorrow.

They have decided that lunch might be a slightly messy affair and given the smaller size of the audience are meeting for coffee. Here are the details:

Startup Lunch: Delhi-NCR
DateTime: Thursday, 27 March, 6 PM
Location: Cafe Turtle, N-Block Market, Greater Kailash I
Printable Directions: At RouteGuru, enter your source location in ‘My Starting Point’. In ‘My Destination’, enter “Block N” In-or-Near “GK I”.
Cost: Participating start-ups can split the bill.
Estimate: Rs. 100-200/- x NoOfAttendeePersons / NoOfAttendeeStartups

Contact: aditya.k<at>, avinash<at>RouteGuru<dot>com

I really love what they are doing for a couple of reasons. Though the initial template and thought was jotted down, they decided to go with what works for them. And the level of enthusiasm within the thread to get this organized and done has been amazing. I am all the more convinced as to why Delhi would be an amazing platform for this july (more on that to follow very soon). What was even more interesting is that one of the startups has decided to put their own tools to work to make directions easier. If eating your own dog food was ever a criteria, these guys ace it!

Kudos guys! This team has all the makings of becoming the epicentre of entrepreneurial activity in Delhi, and its such a pride in being a tiny part of it all. I hope they keep going!


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