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Barcamp Mumbai 3 – Post Event Update

Posted on: March 29, 2008

I just stepped back into my apartment after a long day in Barcamp Mumbai. I am in a split of a mind trying to figure out how productive the day was. On one hand, I met a lot of people. I had some 20 odd appointments with folks that I wanted to meet and greet and it seemed like a good day to do all that. Meeting Manish Jain, whose blog post I commented on three years ago, Meeting the faces behind Startup Central Snigda (though we’ve been interacting over the phone for quite a while now), meeting Krish Mony – with whom I get to have all the interesting discussions on venturewoods lately, quite a few startup companies and it was nice to touch base with the guys from the Sun Startup Essentials program, and also Vinu who is always quite a pleasant company to have around in unconferences.

While that on one hand, I am not sure if there was anything exciting and mind blowingly new that happened there – except for the talk about using asynchronous IO which actually seemed quite out of place compared to the other topics, especially when these were the kind of talks which actually would make a lot of difference. But in any case…

It was great to catch up with Aditya, and see the passionate exuberance of Arpit, and walking into that hall felt very much like being in one of the BCB meets. The clarity in thinking, the groundwork they had done in making all the preparations reeked of experienced and detailing. Kudos to those guys on that.

The startups, in my opinion were slightly disappointing. But I think they are in the ideal platform. This is essentially the place where one gets feedbacks on their models, the features and if the “cool web app” is any good at all, and I think the audience were true to their spirit of brutal honesty.

Overall, didn’t take away much, but met a lot of people, had some interesting discussions outside the hall with like-minded people, and am going to put this day to an end knowing that even Mumbai has woken up the tide of entrepreneurship rising! There are good, nah, Great days ahead!


2 Responses to "Barcamp Mumbai 3 – Post Event Update"

Hi! I agree, the barcamp wasn’t that exciting. It was my first time at a barcamp and I had quite some expectations. Given that, a few sessions were interesting though. I don’t know if you could attend the demo that Ankit of made on hardware innovation. But man that was superb, especially their product for mobile charging was a cool power alternative.

yes it was wonderful experience through barcamp.

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