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Oh Blogger, What cruel words you speak.

Posted on: April 1, 2008

A couple of days ago, there was a local newspaper running an article on bloggers. I dont know why, but the writer behind it had decided to write about this blog and the reason as to how it all started. While we were talking about how the blogosphere is a perfect medium to bridge the divide between creators and consumers, I also warned him that the blogosphere can be a very cruel place at times since, it takes nothing from an individual to leave a nasty comment for no apparent reason.

Sometimes, I can only picture the big bad wolf hiding under the bedspreads, while an innocent little girl in a red cape keeps questioning about the obviously scary looking features of the “grandma”.

While this open platform can leverage your voice and make it heard to the millions, it can also be a very scary place. For one, I have come across very few women who do blog , and if they do, there is a very good chance that they use a pen name and don’t reveal any bit of their identity on the site. I can assure you that this is not paranoia and unfortunately a genuine concern that affects the blogosphere – and most women in my social circles, including my sister doesn’t blog cause of this reason. I have personally be aware of a friend who goes through hell weeding through some of the comments that come in, every single day. Is anyone doing anything about it? Not that I am aware of.

For all the tools and plugins that are coming out these days, from Disquz to Friendfeed, to the recently funded Publish2, it would be great if someone is thinking about this issue, as the internet’s social network is restructured.

Edit: Apparently Disqus helps towards this same issue, using a spam protection algorithm. How effective? It’s still out there to be seen.


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