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The Weekend Past. Quite eventful.

Posted on: April 6, 2008

Saturday was Startup Lunch in Bangalore and kudos to the guys [Sridhar, Pradeep and Ashish Sinha] who are spearheading the effort there, it went really really really well. There is an account by the organizing team which goes through most of the details. I am quite impressed, and kinda glad to know that there is a positive response for this sort of initiatives. Delhi was the first to go, followed by Pune, followed by Bangalore. Chennai will have its lunch most probably at the last saturday of this month, since Barcamp Bangalore is coming up on the 19th and to avoid any clash of dates.

Like clockwork, the Chennai OpenCoffee club meet happened in Chennai today. I am quite happy with the way this group is heading and everytime we meet, we see quite a bit of new faces which is always quite encouraging. Today’s main discussion was about “How to hire and manage your team”. There was also an after thought discussion on the “personal life” of entrepreneurs, partly picked up by the post I had made on this blog earlier. I must admit that it was a little weird to write about personal emotions on a blog, but it certainly seems like it hit a common chord. That’s definitely something to keep in mind.

I believe I would be in bangalore on Saturday, if the chaos out there should subside, and we are also planning a trip to delhi to finalize on the venue for the upcoming edition of, either on Sunday or the weekend following that. I guess the weekend after that is going to have Startup Lunch here in Chennai. Seems like i am already booked for this month, in terms of weekends. *sigh*


2 Responses to "The Weekend Past. Quite eventful."

hi….when is going to be in mumbai The next edition of is in Delhi in July. The one after is in Bangalore, and the one following that is in Mumbai. Tentatively July of ’09.

If you are asking about the startup lunch, its there on the wiki.


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