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Review: Nimbuzz – IM, IM everyone! And for everyone!

Posted on: April 7, 2008

I admit that I have a pretty old phone. I’m looking for a new phone and most probably will go for an Iphone or the Sony Ericcson Xperia, but am more leaning towards the latter.

I do keep in touch with people over IM and lately, its much easier to catch up with people over IM, than to write a mail to them.

I tried out this service called Nimbuzz, which is essentially an all-client messenger for mobiles. The best part is that its free, and the software is quite elegant and user friendly. The even better part is that contrary to what fring told me, they actually have the app for most phones that roam the face of the planet – which essentially means that even if you arent cutting edge, you have a chance of enjoying the same features, benefits and luxuries of the elite.

I guess now we have three contenders in the ring. There is Mundu IM, Fring, and Nimbuzz playing this game. There are a few others, such as IM+ and so on, but i doubt that they are even going to get close to measuring up. Time will tell how these boys measure up against one another.

PS; Fring supports VoIP calls as well, because its also a SIP dialer. Nimbuzz says “Coming soon”.

Update: Apparently, there is also ebuddy which is in this game. *sigh*. I have a feeling that this space is already overcrowded.


3 Responses to "Review: Nimbuzz – IM, IM everyone! And for everyone!"

you missed out the most popular mobile IM platform which is Palringo. it not only has great IM functionality it adds push to talk and picture messaging capabilities–all within the same interface. and it’s easier to use because it’s made to work on the mobile. and yes it works on all of the platforms as well.

James, thanks for the note.

When you say the space is overcrowded ,do you think that a product like Mundu IM from Geodesic cannot scale up from current level of downloads?

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