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13 Responses to "The Absolute Startup Essentials – Part I"

Vijay, very well written & covers everything!

Regarding SVN access, we have been using ( they have a free version, but we are using a 8$ pm package). Has been a boon since we all work from home 🙂

Nice one to read. You missed few more stuffs…

1. Resources (humans…hiring, managing)
2. Office space.. which is one of the important aspects for a startup…

XP: Thanks.

Venkatesh: When you are starting up, the founders should be capable of coding. Hiring and all is something that you think of four, five months down the lane.

And office space is a waste of money so early on. It is better to start off from home, or from a rented apartment

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Quite a lot of useful tips

I just feel that the aircard things are still too damn expensive in India. We need something like FONera here. If i spelt that correctly

Prateek Dayal

Kudos, for yet another excellent article. I was in the process of writing a similar article for my blog, i.e. a catch-all of startup resources… I might still do it, but by linking to this one, and adding something more. Will wait for the rest of the series to see, what (if any) I could add.

Looking forward to Part-II.

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nice post… can be used as a check list

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