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Bottomlines: Explained.

Posted on: April 8, 2008

The world is in one of those stages where the more bottomlines you use, the more favourable you turn into. Yep, its true.

People in Europe and the west have a way of throwing around jargons. In India, we execute our revenge using abbreviations, it seems. But all said and done, using jargons and terminologies are part of being acceptable and the first sign of someone who knows the trade. So I thought I’d start a series with some of the popular jargons.

Today, its on Bottomlines.

A corporate can have upto three bottomlines – as far as I am aware of. The first is that you are running a company that makes revenue and profit. It’s essentially the self-sustainability and return on investment perspective of a business, and the very reason for the existence of an enterprise.

The second is if the venture had any social impact, and hopefully a positive one at that.

The third bottomline kicks in, if the venture is self-sustainable, is eco-friendly and does not pollute and even better actually is environment friendly.

Whilst every business hopefully conquers the first bottom line, the second and third are increasingly receiving favor in board rooms and executive meetings as there is concern for economic stability and long term environmental implications in this planet.

Think about it. IF it applies to what you do, you might want to use it… sparingly, but when moments warrant it.

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