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In Delhi on the 19th. First Meet

Posted on: April 11, 2008

A set of core team members will be in Delhi on the weekend of the 19th (Saturday) to meet with the group in Delhi, and finalize on the venue and work out the logistics of the upcoming edition of

It’s usually a lot of fun having that first meet, since thats when dreams and aspirations run wild, and this is where the initial expectations and deliverables of the event are set and met. I am sure looking forward to catching up with the folks there, and am even moreso looking forward to the fact of working with a fresh new team with fresh faces, experiences and perspectives.

We are catching up for breakfast at around 10am in South Delhi at Barista Cafe at the The Basant Lok/Priya Cinema complex. The agenda of the meet is to basically meet and greet, and then perhaps run over some of the tasks that we need to cover for the event. Anyone who would like to join and volunteer is most certainly welcome.

Do leave a comment, if you’d like to meet. I’d love to catch up, if you are from the startup scene in Delhi. I most certainly would love to hear of how things are in Delhi, how we could help and change things for the better.


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