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Weekend Summary.

Posted on: April 13, 2008

Phew, this has been another crazy weekend following the last. It was great to finally sleep in and wake up around noon today (sunday) and unwind with all the stress and lack of sleep that was quickly catching up.

I was in bangalore this weekend for an official meet and it was fun to meet up with Sridhar who runs Yulop and the kind of things he has has been involved in. Considering that each of my meetings were in opposite ends of the town, I think i also got quite a good taste of how bad bangalore traffic can be – and i was told that it being a saturday it was better *sigh*

I am finding Doppr to be quite useful these days. After fixing up travel plans, I used to have to write to a whole slew of people to inform them of trips. Should everyone get on dopplr, that bit should get quite easy. I have no idea how they are quite to make money (as a company), but its a mighty useful service for sure.

Met some pretty fascinating people today. I’ll cover that in a seperate post.


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