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8 Responses to "The Absolute Startup Essentials. Part II"

Thought out and well experienced list Vijay !!

Congrats for getting your name in “Best of Indian Business Blogging – Week 4” in Gautam Ghosh’s Blog

You deserve it !! Keep going Vijay – will help you some where I can in the pusruit of yours !!

Great points Vijay – am looking forward to Part III.

The point about work culture and ambiance is well put – over a period of time most large organizations end up resembling bureaucratic bank offices (if not air conditioned sausage factories). It hits you the moment you walk in.

This stench or fragrance often differentiates the serious and passionate start-ups from the fly-by-night operators looking to make quick money by throwing more and more mediocre bodies at more and more mediocre problems.

Get a sensible lady on board

Well, this is a good point, been looking for such a long time 🙂

Awesome points, looking froward for part III

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Vinodh: I donno about deserving. I still write to get my thoughts in order 🙂

Amit: Yep. Its the one really standing out factor working with a startup Vs. a corporate – the non-drowning aspect.

Sridhar: Ahem. 🙂

I’m a new reader of your blog and I’m quite impressed with the depth and breadth of your postings. I agree 100% with everything that you had to say, almost. I financed my startup ( purely with credit cards. Youre right that its not the best of ideas, but sometimes you just don’t have options. You should only credit card finance if you have a lot of faith in the business because it can end up tragic.

@Andstartup: Thanks. Glad to know that it makes sense for someone. And yep, some lessons really have to be learnt the hard way, unfortunately!

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