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Doers Vs. Sayers.

Posted on: April 30, 2008

boxingWhile I was in Canada, I remember having this fabulous movie collection. Most of them were DVDs, and some of them were in CDs (The documentaries type). It was probably a collection that I was very proud of. Then along came my roommate one day and borrowed a whole lot of DVDs to impress this new girl that he had been dating. Little by little, more movies went out, and my shelf started to look quite barren. Some of the DVDs did return, but not before it had gotten some pretty bad scratches on them. I almost had doubted whether they were running a business renting out some of these.

A few months later they broke up. I knew I had to kiss goodbye to my DVDs that day. After some major protests, a few of the DVDs returned, some of them were just the boxes.

I don’t blame my room mate and friend about this. Its the way some people are wired. Some people are born with the sense of urgency to constantly get things done, throw out the waste, keep improving and keep moving, but others arent.

For one, I know for a fact that I cant sit on something. I rent a DVD from my store for three days and If I watch it on the first day, right after its over I’ll make sure it goes into my car and is duly handed in into the store the next time I pass by. I could rarely hold on to a book that I had borrowed – past its reasonable deadline, not to anything that I am holding onto, which belongs to someone else.

We all eventually will, and with a certain magnitude of determination and passion will get the things done, the way we want it. But how soon, and with what preparation and to what quality is what sorts the losers from the winners. I absolutely believe in that. If you want to spot a winner, spot one that can’t sit on her hands, but is constantly moving, and aiming for that imaginary face before her, getting ready for the big fight. That’s a winner you need to bet on.


1 Response to "Doers Vs. Sayers."

This has happened to my dad more than to me because I maintain a constant vigil over the things i led out and make sure that I get them back asap. But yes, the condition of borrowed DVDs and CDs when returned is mostly damaged. The sad part is that in most cases I won’t be able to duplicate the CD/DVD because of the scratches.

I don’t understand how the last paragraph fits into this context. But, I can agree on it’s implication.

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