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Ideas to Toss: Professional UGC.

Posted on: May 2, 2008

Professional User-Generated Content. You think its Oxymoronic? Think again. Let me cite to you two examples. Rocketboom, and ZeFrank. I dont think Frank is doing the show anymore, but Rocketboom is essentially a low-budget, five minute clip which basically is one of those “tequila shot” videos, giving you a summary of everything thats going on out there. Sports, politics, Gossip, IPL, Entertainment, you name it.

It will make sense because:

1. Our Broadband penetration whatever the 4.2 million users are, are all essentially mostly IT Professionals.

2. These chums, have no interest in anything apart from Cricket, because they dont have time to understand the decades of stories behind political quibbles and other issues going on.

3.Humor has slowly begun to find a way among this crowd and given that these guys are all young, and most of them watch shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Even South Park (Please dont ask me what these shows are), a show done with a live-actual person, but on the same lines of humor, will bring about active engagement in a interesting fashion.

Rocket boom Stats:

+ Over 1 million post-roll complete downloads per week; 200,000 viewers per day
+ Over 500,000 text impressions per week of company name & link; 100,000 per day

The Video infrastructure, the entire thing to make this happen, along with the infrastructure to play ads and monetize this is, is available with two indian Startups – Ventuno Tech and Tekriti Software. If you have the guts (everybody in the media business needs guts), the ability to produce a show, and get a couple of eager, hyper, good-looking people on camera, you are game!

5 Responses to "Ideas to Toss: Professional UGC."

So wat you’re getting is at is that there is an opportunity to serve up on-the-fly content, made by common people like you and me, and monetize it in the long run ?

I like the concept, except the fact that it requires someone to run rampage in the city without shyness or shame, and basically catch a hot story which appeals to the users you’ve mentioned above..

Hmm. You didn’t check those links, did you? You dont have to run anywhere. Sit at home/office/studio and do a five minute show. That cant be so bad.

And nobody said anything about monetization yet. Anything in the media business takes its own sweet time to even think about monetization.. but eventually there are possibilities.

How about UGC in the learning space ? Is that a workable possibility ? Why can’t we produce a 30 or 60 minute learning video and publish it.

Well, i did check out the links πŸ™‚ ! The vid that i saw was of a woman doing an interview with some founder on the street. Maybe i assumed a bit more than i should πŸ™‚

One thing that also needs to be taken into consideration is whether the 4.2 million people are willing to spend time watching this content ? tracking cricket scores does not seem like a burden as it’s a passion, but watching 5 mins tequila clips ! that may need some doing… In societies like the US and Europe, it’s a different phenomena where people do actively use these kinds of things for ‘entertainment’ purposes as far as i know…

i maybe wrong in my view but never to late to correct it πŸ™‚

UGC in learning space is not impossible. I think startups that have gone into the e-learning space have a better experience about this. Also, i think the cost of production is a big issue as the team has to consistently upgrade their content according to the change in patters/syllabus/course and adapt to what the user needs, and how he/she understand the content.


Why develop content that is oriented towards a syllabus/course in the first place ?

We can offer content on a certain subject based on a TOC. The interested party can go to the content of choice they want to get to. This way we can create books in video format.

The cost of production is certainly an issue along with the risk of piracy and stuff like that. If you can reach a lage enugh audience, there is a scope for positive results.

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