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My Next Phone: The Sexy, The Curvy or the Expressive.

Posted on: May 6, 2008

So, I need a new phone. That’s a given. Which one, is the issue.

As Always I’ve tried going through the list of things I’d like on the phone, and here they are:
1. I do check mail on the go, and do very much need it.
2. Ability to hop to a wireless lan when available would be great.
3. Should be type friendly.

Now My options are to go with an Apple Iphone, a Blackberry Curve, or a Sony Xperia.

I love the Apple Iphone, because its an Iphone – does anyone need any other reason than that? It obviously has a slick interface, and gmail on an Iphone is a dream come true. It is not quite push email, but I guess do whatever I am doing currently, and logon whenever I do find the time and catch up with emails. And the fact that it can hop to a wireless lan, and has an awesome screen space, is tempting enough.

The Cons:
1. Given as to how many text messages I shoot out – its much simpler to co-ordinate, remind and respond – the iphone’s interface seems very hard to do that. I have been practicing on the interface of the Ipod Touch, but its still very irky. Do things get better? Is there a way to calibrate the touch? Would like to know.

2. I do connect my laptop to the net using my mobile, and apparently the Iphone wont allow me to do that.
3. There is apparently a new version coming out, which means I have got to wait.

The next option is the Blackberry curve. Its one emailing machine for sure. And it has a nice interface, quite easy to use and it can get your addicted. That’s saying quite a bit. I am so proud of this canadian company, and I have used a blackberry before and the only thing that scares you is how you are “always on”.

The Cons:
1. Emails will be pushed to you. That’s definitely an advantage, but I am trying to get my online experience in some healthy format. I have a feeling that I am spending too much time in the connected world.
2. Cant switch to Wireless Lan, no matter what.
3. Monthly connection fees is an extra Rs. 1000. I dont know why, when you can get an unlimited GPRS pack for some Rs. 300.
4. Smaller screen. Which means, no other stuff.

The third option is the Sony Xperia and the Nokia Tablet PC will also come close on this one. I love these two options because of the qwerty keyboard. I like the Sony option better, the styling is much nice. But then again, I am known to have sold my soul to Sony quite a long time back. The good thing about this phone is that it will offer the best of both worlds, but will fall short of an iphone experience. Now that the SDK of the Iphone is out, I am curious to see what sort of apps start coming out. But that’s going to be a dampner with the Xperia option.

There are actually no cons with this option. I think the phone runs windows Mobile, so getting online through GPRS or Wireless lan is never an issue. And it will come with most office apps installed. I need to check how the Gmail experience will be. I am not about to switch to some email app and all. I wonder where I could step in and check out an Xperia in action.

So you the readers, any suggestions? Or is there a totally fourth option that I am missing? And Nope that LG phone is not an option.

7 Responses to "My Next Phone: The Sexy, The Curvy or the Expressive."

Go for Apple iPhone!


Any phone, without an inbuilt GPS is not worth it, Geo location and use of it will definitely change in couple of years time in India, and i suggest you to opt for only phones which have GPS, Wi-fi.

I guess until and unless Apple gets GPS on iphone,its worth relooking

Nokia 810 is amazingly great, and a nuvifone from Garmin is to be released in June!

Apple iPhone is really good w.r.t the interface and all but I’m told you can’t transfer music via bluetooth. If you don’t think that’s a disadvantage you can go ahead with it.

Also, do have a look at the Dopod series of phones.

iPhone as Sagaro says… One important point that you missed out is battery life. I’ll never recommend a Sony phone thanks to its below par batt-life.

So it’s between iPhone and Blackberry. If you get blackberry, you get email, email and more email and nothing else. iPhone would be the best bet. I’ve used it and typing on it is good. Phone adapts as u keep using it. iPhone 2 is coming out next month with tactile feedback and GPRS, it’s worth the wait. BTW, i’ve used iPhone on LAN and its super fast, and sites are WYSIWYG

I meant GPS in my prev post… and another alternative that i might suggest would be the Samsung Blackjack 2. It’s sleek, no nonsense phone.

My vote goes to the iPhone.. With the SDK out, there is no doubt that it will only become more powerful in the long run, and improve with each release. Apple is keeping users on their toes with every release they’re making, while at the same time not giving them more than they want to !

The downside I think is that you’ll have to wait till Sept./Oct for the official Indian version with Vodafone. If u can wait till then, then go for It !

Did you bought any phone finally?
I am looking at one and looking for feedback

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