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My Wishlist for Startup Blogging.

Posted on: May 7, 2008

I am usually in the middle of discussions that more often than not tend to tread on the topic as to why Indian Entrepreneurs seem to be;

a) Wanting to build and flip a company in solid 3 weeks.
b) Why everyone keeps referring to things that happen in the valley
c) Why are we quoting every darn guy in the valley and none from here

In very short words, why are our influencers more of the valley types and very less of Indian entrepreneurs?. I think the answer to that is very simple. Very few of us are very vocal, and do have a blog.

I am starring at my feedreader and there is content from all over the place. I do like to keep an eye on whats happening not just in the valley but also in Europe and South-asia (atleast when its written in a readable language – it might even be worth learning chinese or korean one of these days). But the sad part that I notice is the sincerely lacking number of indians with blogs.

I think we do have enough folks who do talk about entrepreneurship as a whole and go around interviewing people whenever they could, but we need some folks who could posess some depth. This is my wishlist.

1. A very well known VC, who would blog about whats happening inside the industry, how a deal is made, etc etc.

2. A startup founder who’d write about his travails of growing a business. Even if it is a dear diary moment with a picture taken of you everyday, would totally love it.

3. More Product Managers taking on roles of reviewing products, sites and services and providing a neutral perspective.

4. A couple of academicians who can talk about whats happening in the world of technology and whats breaking news – in nanotechnology, biotech, pharma, genetics, etc etc, (in english)

5. A very simple, Startup Marketing blog which people can refer to for tips and tricks on how to increase their productivity, improve stickiness, and learn enough to dabble with an MBA. If the Online Chat we had the other day is any sign of a “need”, thats your proof as to why it would work.

6. A blog where we can catch synopsis and summaries of all the talks that go on in conferences and unconferences alike. Perhaps then people wouldnt be talking about the same stuff over and over again and move on to the next step.

7. Blogs which do study the market and can give me raw statistics. Would be awesome if someone who is a data analyst starts a blog for this.

8. A startup legal blog.

9. A HR blog, for hiring and retention strategies.

10. We need to learn to laugh at ourselves. Anything with a humor base on the Indian startup scenario would be a welcome treat. We are too stuck up an serious for no reason.

11. Stop doing more news aggregation sites. is doing a fabulous job aggregating the news, and I don’t know why anymore would want to do more of that. If you are a blogger in India and do write about startups, sign up to that aggregation list. Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop also has a similar list

I think thats a good start. Can you think of anything else? Drop a note on the comments box.

8 Responses to "My Wishlist for Startup Blogging."

The Startup Legal blog seems pretty tempting. I can’t start it but I can look for people to do it.

Whoa Vijay,
You should do more early morning posts. This is powerful stuff. Just to keep perspective, even amongst the valley types, not everyone is flipping, it’s just that they are getting more coverage, or like train accidents or Bollywood stars we are paying more attention. Be it Magma-DA or Everest (this morning in Sramana Mitra’s blog) there are clearly long term builders in the valley and the US of A.

With that out of the way, I personally don’t think we need to add to your list, as much as start doing each of the things you have already outlined – particularly I think legal/restricted stock/patenting type of issues are big deal up front, and HR, how to hire, keep and motivate folks on an ongoing basis with the ability to look beyond those three weeks it takes to flip – we could all use help. Just so I don’t just comment here, I will sign up for doing the marketing blog you speak of, though not sure what very simple is – maybe this can be a start! Keep ’em coming.

Prashant: Hmm. Sure, anything that makes a difference

Srikrishna: I didnt know people noticed me doing early morning posts 🙂

I just completed 1 year of trying to set up a business in Delhi…I think I can do something about the no.2 on your list

Excellent post. Can’t wait for my 2 paisa on this 🙂

1. I think the reason we (Indian entrepreneurs) look for everything in the valley ‘coz we’re in the first iteration of our entr’pnrial journey while valley is onto it’s 4th (Semiconductors, Computer hardware, Internet and now 2.0) — But, we’re catching up fast.

2. I agree, the biggest piece missing is local champions (lawyers, VCs, founders, etc.).

3. The foreign fund syndrome (this bullet is worthy of a rant/post). Almost all the VC funds operating in India are in $$$ denomination. Why? Why not call it Sequoia India will invest between Rs. 1 crore to 5 crore in each startup, instead of quoting the equivalent dollar value. Same goes for the fund sizes ($300m India fund) and the fund LPs (When are we going to see Reliance, Tatas, Birlas, Firodias as big LPs in these funds?).


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Rohit: Awesome
Indus: You said it mate 🙂

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