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If You are a Mobile Developer.

Posted on: May 8, 2008

I mean someone who develops for the Mobile Platform, not a developer who is always on the move 🙂

Well, there are a few platforms that you might be interested to play around with, if you have an interest for embedded systems, and especially the mobile platform. Here it goes:

MobiSy: Rich Applications for your Mobile.

OpenMoko: An open development kit – Imagine having a phone with everything unlocked, and nothing beyond the realm of control by code. That’s what OpenMoko grants you. It’s a fabulous kit for folks who want to go beyond developing apps for Java or Symbian, or Windows Mobile.

Android: Well known. Enough said.

Bug Labs
: Custom-build your pieces. I found this a few days ago, and am absolutely floored. The beauty about this kit is that its not restricted to mobile handsets. Its almost the lego of the electronics world.

Mango Technologies: Mobile Application Framework. A Bangalore based company. Related note: Check out Mophun, a mobile gaming application Framework.

Flashlite: When this thing gets mainstream from adobe, we better watch out for some deadly applications.

QTopia from Trolltech, an application platform and User Interface Layer for Linux powered devices – handhelds, and the likes.

So why am I mentioning all this? If a Luxury handset manufacturer in Bangalore has gotten funded $2Million, what are the next set of pieces which will have to fall in place?

5 Responses to "If You are a Mobile Developer."

Great & quick capture of stuff that’s happening – good news – at least one company that I am aware of dMobili, startup out of Bangalore by ex-Sasken and some cool design folks, will leverage one or more existing platforms (all these you mention are promising but still in front of the horizon) to bring some very interesting phones (I certainly hope). They are trying to raise money just now that their protos have come in.
Bad (maybe not so bad, but Darwinian principles etc) news, is folks such as BlueMug, who had done kicka** work in this space (and in a very small way at Impulsesoft we discovered) that channel and value chain alas matters a heck of a lot, than the cool tech or immense possibilities. Earlier the attempt to do open CPU cores never got the traction that SW openSource did; lets hope these mobile platforms (even if not fully OPEN, at least more Open than the proprietary phones will take off.

Dare I say it, guess HTC is showing even WinMobile can be done in a fashion that can be nearly “cool” Check out this review in PCWorld.

Hey Vijay,
Thanks for the mention of Mobisy !

Hi Vijay
Just happened to pass. It is great to hear that mobile phones will finally get developed and Manufactured within one of the world’s largest markets.

My fear is that these phones will come with the same UI and applications as other phones. I’m not sure we’d like the same ‘experience’ as say, someone in Europe or in China.

But why Luxury handsets? Because the only prior attempt at mobile phones in India (BPL) did not work at the bottom end of the market?

I’m not holding my breath waiting for these devices to hit the market. In my experience, it takes a strong ecosystem and much more than whim and fancy to release some ground breaking devices.

Vinay: Have some faith sir. The “ecosystem” is coming up much faster than you’d anticipate. It takes effort to get there anyways – nobody had it straight from day one.

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