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The Addictive Touch.

Posted on: May 8, 2008

About a year back, when I was going around trying to pick a phone, I decided that eventually I’d head the PDA way, so it was time to get a smartphone. It happened, and as much as i was very uncomfortable about the “lets poke into the screen to type” mechanism at first, slowly started getting used to it, and now it has essentially become part of the way that I interact with mobile phones. I am serious! I pick up my friend’s Nokia N Series and do touch the screen to activate it, and do go blank for a second wondering why it doesnt respond. Yep, I am unrepairable and damaged.

So lately I am on a spree of trying out some UMPCs and HCL was nice enough to send the Mileap Y series to the office the other day. That machine, given that its an indian product is quite stunning. The looks are okay – there seem to be much nicer looking ones out there – but the functionality quite measures up. I got to hang on to it for a few days, and had to return it back – not without a teary eye and all.

There were a couple of ASUS EEE PC that were lying around in the office and I’ve picked up one of them, to use them for emails and such, and essentially move all my “communications” out of the desktop PC, and get it into this small, mean, machine.

For one, I am absolutely adapting and loving it. To a point where my normal Vaio is starting to feel heavy, bulky and hmm… inconvenient. Well, I know i couldn’t type this much without a full-fledged laptop, so it aint going anywhere – if at all you were even daring to think about sending me a msg asking if my laptop was for giveaway.

The Point is this. I still think that the Mileap ones, for its touch capabilities, is a better bargain. its slightly more expensive, but the fact that I could use it as a tablet PC is just uber cool. Most times you are taking notes, and this puny keyboard could stand in the way of all that. Plus, with a tablet, you could start drawing things – which could come quite in handy for some of the things I try to explain in this blog, me thinks.

So, the overall consensus is that once touch screens become ubiquitous, there is a whole new world waiting to be awakened.


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