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On I.T Magazine: Avoiding Startup Hiccups.

Posted on: May 12, 2008

IT MagazineActually this would be my third or fourth time being quoted extensively in an article in this magazine. Just as the Startup community is growing, there is also a lot of affiliated media that is growing along with them – I.T Magazine, Cybermedia’s Dare, Smarttechie, all are magazine’s looking to cater to the “entrepreneurial” kind that is rising in popularity, just about everyday.

Charu Bahri, the reporter who wrote the article had sent me a long list of questionnaire, which I had to meddle with, and she patiently did put up with all those changes – and I do have this eery feeling that I did throw off her direction as to what she wanted to theme the article as. But with the sign of a good reporter, she manages to tie them all together quite well.

Avoiding Start-up Hiccups
Hiccups often threaten the best innovative ventures—but if you’re forewarned, you can take preventive measures to ensure your start-up doesn’t suffer from too many glitches.

In any case, the article is up on this month’s edition of the magazine, and as much as I never usually tout my own articles, it seems that I was eating or drinking something that I seem to sound quite sane. Do check it out, if possible and let me know what you think.

We are thinking of doing a regular column there asking readers to come up with questions explaining issues they face and then giving them suggestions. I barely get time to keep this blog alive, so thats very much a stretched ambition, but lets see how the roll of dice turns out!

1 Response to "On I.T Magazine: Avoiding Startup Hiccups."

I have read the article and it was nicely written. But somewhere I felt that it can be made elaborative or a series of this topic can be published every month.

This magazines are read by everyone including college graduates and also people just starting up with IT. these kind of articles will surely help in the Indian context of startups.

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