Vijay Anand | The Startup Guy. July Edition: Registrations Open

Posted on: May 16, 2008

I hate to discriminate, but if you really inject me with truth serum and ask me which was my favorite edition of, there is a chance that I’d say it was the second edition. It was memorable cause we tried out a whole lot of stuff and all of them just clicked and became runaway successes., July edition, is an inspiration of that. It promises to spin your world into a realm of possibilities that you never thought were possible in the Indian Startup Community.

Nope, this is certainly not the mail where I disclose what all is happening. This is the email where I give you a headstart to register.

So just to recap, the dates are finalized on the 18th and 19th, and the venue is tentatively fixed at IIT Delhi. We still haven’t had a confirmation from them yet, and it seems to be going on as long as the middle east peace process, but It should get solidified in a day or two and I shall update you on that. In the meantime, the information holds true.

Whether you are a VC, a student, an entrepreneur or a blogger, we aren’t discriminating this time. We’ve brought down the entry fees to Rs. 500 so that everyone could afford. There are a few entrepreneurship related blogs and sites which will be soon announcing some contest to give away entries, so do keep a close eye here to watch out for those.

As of today, and Now, you could logon to the website and register to reserve a seat for you. As usual we do have limited seats and the sheer number of partners and supporters have gone up significantly, so to ensure that I don’t get a call from you at the last minute asking for a seat to spare, I do urge you to go register as soon as possible. You can register here.

Once registered, you should be getting a confirmation mail, which will tell you all that you need to do. It’s quite straight forward.

For those of you who don’t have a credit card handy, and would not be able to make a payment online, we have identified means of disbursing Entry tickets (Same Price) in the cities of Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune. I will announce the list by the 30th of this month.

With that, Wishing you the best, go ahead register and hope to see you at the event. I am dying to see you all again!

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