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27 Responses to "Should Guruji Sue Google?"

lame idea.
Sue the giant in the industry, to get some free marketing for your company. Rakhi sawant also does this.
And, who told you, guruji owns the ‘g’. For that they can also sue the whole internet for using ‘g’ anywhere..


Maybe. But the matter of corporates and survival are pretty much with such strategies.

Let me throw this open on your side. If you were a search engine, had taken 11 mil in funding and yet no one knows much about you, and you need to get traction fast… wouldnt you take this up?

Hmm, So now the point is, this is not a core strategy but an act in frustration. In frustration someone can go anyway he wants. Suing and protecting trademarks and copyrights is task of giants / who have built huge and have enough to protect. Guruji has little to protect and more to build. They may have copied lot from google in the course of development. In that case, suing Google may prove a boomrang for Guruji.

I m not sure if you know, but check similarities between Airtel and Youtube logos,

hmmm, never thought that we’d end up saying
Google – an international clone of guruji…
it looks very similar, they should go ahead
and sue, if only for the publicity..definitely
enough to put google in a er, g-spot?

First of all, take a chill pill πŸ™‚ Why are you getting so worked up.

And Fair enough, frustration might be a bad term to use, but i might even consider it an opportunity. You have no idea how far people have gone to get TC-ed. πŸ™‚

I wonder why Google is meddling with their logos though. Hmm.

Interesting Story! Lets wait for the guruji team to rise and shine! It will be exciting to know what action they take on this. If google has copied the logo, its good that they are paying heat to what Indian search engines are upto..! Its good that ways as well! Waiting for guruji to react!

It’s a move that is strongly suggested. I hope the guys take it.

Is that serious advice?

I don’t think so πŸ˜‰

hmm, never thought i’d say ‘google – a global
clone of guruji’… but the resemblance is
definitely there to sue, if only for the
publicity… enough to put google in a er,
g-spot πŸ™‚


With a funding backing them, I am sure they would have their trademark for their logo.

Regarding the sue thing, you said it right. They should hire a lawyer who dislikes google, give him percentage and file a suit.

All gain, No loss for Guruji.
Rashmi Ranjan Padhy

What is the future of the online ad industry?
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@ Vipsy…

If you think the logos of airtel and Youtube are anywhere close, I would say…. well nothing ….. cant say it here πŸ™‚

i think, one of guruji’s investor is google. so not sure have that will impact.!

Yuva, not google. Sequoia is a common investor for them both. But I dont think Seqouia will be shielding google – they don’t have to.

This is certainly a good way for guruji to get noticed. I dunno much about trademarks to say if they would win against google.

hi Vijay,

This looks like a cool idea to get publicity.But if guruji sues google it may backfire considering the design similarities which both of them share.

Why not shoot an open letter to gOOgle and cc it to TC and remind it of “DO NO EVIL!!” in a typical GANDHIAN style.

“Guruji’s Ghandigiri makes Google realize it’s mistake!!” looks a lot better headline than “Guruji sues Google” wotsay…

wow! πŸ™‚ will be fun to see a Indian startup sue Google, whtever the result may be πŸ™‚

They want it to look good on the new iphone. This popped up on techmeme a few days back.

It appears someone has brought this blog post to guruji’s attention.

Can anyone sue something just on basis of resemblance?
They sure need to patent or copyright it,right?

Sri, Trademark. If the logo resembles and clashes in branding, one can sue.

I think it makes a lot of sense sense from a marketing point of view. The mileage that Guruji will get irrespective of the result of the lawsuit in itself will make up for whatever may be the expenses.

I wouldn’t advice that in order to take on Google and prove a point, but it’s an interesting way to get publicity: not by paying money to advertising/PR firms but by doling the same to a lawyer.

Or is it that post-acquisition integration plan is on its way πŸ™‚

Nice observation on that ‘g’.

A late comment to your post…in anycase, my 2 cents… A trademark litigation is unlike the patent litigation, where you can (most of the times) prove that there was clear infringement based on what is claimed in the patent.In a trademark infringement case you have to prove that both sell the same product (true here) and the consumer will get confused that the products came from the same provide( possible grounds here)….

However, the pr/monetization might outweigh burning bridges and leave a bad taste!

Disclaimer : I am not a Lawyer ( But thank God I am not one)

lol… are you serious!

Pachi: Am I serious? Hmm.. i donno.. seems like an option, doesnt it? πŸ™‚


Guruji don’t want to sue Google because Google changed the favicon when launched.


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