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What Started 700 days ago…

Posted on: July 15, 2008

There are only a whole total of 14 tasks that need to be done before the event,and given the capable team that we have this time, and the sheer level of enthusiasm flowing, I dont see that to be a problem. The core team from Chennai, Bangalore, and other places are starting to fly in into Delhi starting tomorrow – Our flight leaves in exactly another four hours. The team is busy getting their laptops on datacards so that we can still remain effective, even on the go. We are prepped, geared and all ready for it.

What did didn’t expect is the sheer push of some magical moment that has happened within the community to attend the event. we are nearing 400 attendees for the event, and that’s a “significant” jump from the 250 that we had last time – and trust me when I say that I am genuinely surprised. I always thought that the southern states were more entrepreneur-centric. I suppose it takes a good shot to really prove and debunk theories and myths as well.

In the following two days I am going to be writing to you to prep you to help set some expectations and in terms of some of the activities that we are planning at the event. The Innovation brainjam on the second day is something I am personally looking forward to. The credit goes to Amit Somani of Google, who threw open this open-ended way of brainstorming that they practice at google and as we pondered over the possibility of doing that in a conference. It should be loads of fun.

If you are a blogger by any means are a little rusty, this is the time to sharpen your skills. It’s going to be a liveblogging marathon this time, and we even have a surprise for the best live-blogged summary of the event. If you are the logical, knowledgeable one, well take heed. The quizzes are there to die for. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed the quizzes on the blog, and you’ll see more of it live in action, and as random teams come together to compete.

We are still looking for folks to take up various activities (If you are a good photographer, do let us know). So if you would like to help volunteer, the mailing list for the same is the first place to start, Have fun, keep your heads up high, and as we get together, let the voice that we always echo, echo once more – may the startups win!

PS: We’ll mostly be lurking around the venue starting tommorrow. Feel free to drop by and say hello. We do take encouragement in terms of homemade cookies too 😛 – Just kidding.


5 Responses to "What Started 700 days ago…"

Wish you the best and successful event

Good luck, wishing you the best for a great event. I’m going to be clued in on the event over the weekend through the cyberspace!

I couldn’t find anywhere at waht time to Reach IIT? when we will be free and schedule? need to plan my day thanks

Unfortunately i will not make it this time to the event, i would have loved to come but a few things have come up. I will be actively tracking all the live internet action and almost to hope to feel i am there … 🙂

your blog has been quit informative.I want
to ask some doubts that I have.

Since my last yr. in college I have an idea of
a web start up but since I am not all good at
coding nor do i know how to go about getting a domain name, or getting the web design and maintenance work outsourced.

what would be like the minimum cost of
web site with provision of around 200-300
registered users,decent UI interface
(javascript, heard that is great),and
for a domain name.

I want to start my website atleast in beta???

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