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Back to the Beginnings.

Posted on: September 6, 2008

I am an Entrepreneur. I know that I am an entrepreneur. I cant stop creating. I cant stop meddling with whats the norm to improve, build, and hopefully influence things in the right direction. I can rarely put up with things that are above and beyond the scope of making things change… change for the better.

Its been close to three years since I exited my last venture and dwelled into my current avatar. The past three ventures have been a bit stressful on life, time and health. A break seemed like the right thing to do to garner some strength, reflect, and iteratively grow., the work that I’ve been doing in the incubation centre, working with various folks from the industry, venture capital firms, etc etc have all been eye openers. In many ways, they are startups themselves.

Lately, I feel and hear that swelling of that energy. That urge to create, build something out of sheer madness, something that will make a difference – to me, if not for everyone else. As my Professor used to say, the sheer and only drive for an engineer to create is Creative laziness. I guess that best summarizes most forms of influential innovation.

I feel its beginning again. All over. Lets see whats gonna change this time.

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4 Responses to "Back to the Beginnings."

And I wish all the very best! 😉

i certainly would love to be a part of that..

Go for it Vjay – Never suppress the energy as someone once said.

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