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Darn Twitter!

Posted on: October 12, 2008

Its so easy to Microblog. Twibble on my Mobile. Twitter Fox on all Desktops and Laptops that I usually access. Its never been so easy to jot down your thoughts.

Unfortunately it does seem like its eating a lot into my blogging habits. Its not like I dont have stuff to write about. I have close to atleast 20 topics that I have jotted down that I want to write about and get your thoughts on… except that, it seems like some herculean task to login into wordpress and blog. I even installed Scribe to see if the barrier would seem smaller, but nope, no luck yet.

It might be that I might switch to a fullswing microblogging format soon. And this might be the longest post by that standards. I can almost hear a “Phew!” from out there.

7 Responses to "Darn Twitter!"


you can try out windows Live Writer a desktop client for blogs ( wordpress,typepad etc… ) from microsoft.

Simple , easy to use and you no longer need to login to your wordpress account for posting a blog.

check Tumblr or

You gonna luv it 🙂

hmm, and i thought there were some things that cannot be explained in 140 characters.. only for everything else there’s twitter 🙂

I think it’s not about blog Vs micro-blog. It’s about monologue Vs dialogue.

At least, that’s how I look at it.

Guess you had inserted this post as an afterthought… I’d read your later post ( “the startup workforce” a proposal to the community) earlier when this post was not there 😉

Hopefully you’re trying to explain someone the reason for the long absence or why this sudden reappearance as a startup counsellor…

@Manas: Are you saying that we are all having monologues in twitter ? 😀

@Senthil: Well, I wrote this post and felt bad about blaming twitter for not writing in this blog. So started to jot down my thoughts of what I had in mind for the startup workforce, and i guess got over the bloggers block 🙂 Now sustaining that… hmm.. a different matter altogether.

@Kris: Thanks for the link. seems interesting indeed

@manuscript: Hehe.. well, most things can be fit into 140 characters, or many such 140 characters 🙂

@Rama: I’ve tried that as well. I think the firefox extn is the better alternative. I have some http proxy and all, and at times desktop apps just dont work right with web APIs. Never ask a desktop app to do a web app’s job? 😀

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