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Happy New Year

Posted on: January 1, 2009

Time flies by and a new year is born. Here’s wishing all the startups, and those I’ve come to know, cherish and converse with, the year ahead to be fruitful, prosperous and most of all a year without regrets – even in the economic situation, for what it is. Happy New Year.


5 Responses to "Happy New Year"

Hey Vijay,
A very happy new year to you too….starting with proto @ Bangalore

Happy New Year to you,Vijay

A very Happy Newyear to you Vijay, and to all the startups!

Now is the time for all the startups to prove that your idea works, and can make money. During times of reccession is when new ideas grow, and old ideas/businesses fade away. Focus on revenues, forget about doing what is right to impress VC’s (we let go of a senior resource who we took on to impress VC’s, but did not help in our business), don’t plan for a heady growth, downscale if you have to, generate revenes from any stream (don’t focus on just your idea), and try and be cash positive. You will SUCCEED!

happy new year for ever one.

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